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Thoughts and Writings

Hello my friends, I want to share an important topic with you, thoughts and articles. When we put our thoughts in writing, the writing activity is difficult for most of us unless we know about a ten-finger typewriter and we are afraid to write and we cannot write. During our writing activities, this also takes time and since it takes time, thoughts flow much faster, we will miss thoughts, and the fish that escape will be big.

When we look at the development of humans, there is an evolution of millions of years, and in this evolution, intellectual activities have started to develop with speech, writing comes much later. The writing activity of humanity starts with the Sumerians and starts in the 3500th year before Christ. Since the first humans set off from Africa, their thinking skills have started to develop as a result of their speaking activities. Writing down thoughts is a limiting factor. Thoughts do not exist in writing, but through speech.

Now a solution is developing from here, the latest technology available in mobile phones WhatsApp voice recordings instantly when you press the microphone button on the left side of the keyboard on WhatsApp, the phone rings and you speak to WhatsApp and this voice recording instantly turns into text or when you enter the documents section on Google Drive, a microphone appears and you speak into the microphone. he also writes.

You make corrections on the document in a way that will not be too much, you are using the full capacity of your whole mind without limiting it because you are thinking while speaking and it is recorded when you think, and then you automatically transcribe it, but you miss many thoughts during the activity of recording what you think by writing, it is gone from your mind. constitutes a limitation.

This is an important issue, a feature that will strengthen writing. Converting voice recordings to text on WhatsApp or laptop in this way is an important achievement. I started using it, and I actually recorded half an hour of conversation, three pages of writing came out. Now I could not write this three-page article in half an hour. I could not catch the thoughts that came out during the speech because of writing anxiety, he would run away. See you again, goodbye.



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