Chinese Proverbs

  • The cunning hare has three burrows
  • The eyes are  wide but the stomach is narrow
  • A good friend shields you from the storm
  • As a pig fears getting fat, so a man fears renown
  • Tigers and deer do not walk together
  • Ants can move even a mighty mountain
  • Observers can see a chess game more clearly than players
  • Genuine gold fears no fire
  • Crows are black  the world over
  • A single spark can set a prairie on fire
  • When the rabbits are dead the  hounds that tracked them will be cooked
  • You cannot satisfy hunger by drawing a cake
  • Serving the powerful is like sleeping with a tiger
  • Rivers and mountains are more easily changed than a man’s nature
  • Distance tests the endurance of a horse; time reveals a man’s character
  • When a tree falls, the monkeys scatter
  • Water can both sustain and sink a ship
  • It is difficult to get off a tiger’s back
  • A swallow cannot know the lofty ambitions of an eagle
  • If you do not brave the tiger’s lair, how can you capture the cub?
  • When you drink water, remember the source
  • A lean dog shames its master
  • Water can drip through stone
  • A swarm of mosquitoes can sound like thunder
  • On earth no feast lasts forever
  • It is easy to dodge a spear you can see, difficult to guard against an arrow shot from hiding
  • Do not climb a tree to look for fish

  • Better to make a net than to yearn for fish at the edge of a pond
  • Sow melon, reap melon; sow beans, reap beans
  • A good bee never takes pollen from  a fallen flower
  • A cornered rat  will bite the cat
  • A person without a smiling face should not open a shop
  • You do not need a butcher’s knife  to kill a chicken
  • A tree has its roots ,a stream its source
  • Ivory does not come out of a dog’s mouth
  • An old horse knows the way
  • Good medicine is bitter to the taste
  • You cannot help shoots grow by pulling them up
  • Better to be a rooster’s beak than a bull’s rump
  • Trees may prefer calm, but the wind will not subside
  • A mouse can see only an inch

  • Do not wait until you’re thirsty to dig a well
  • The sparrow may be a small but it has all the vital organs
  • When weeding, destroy the roots
  • Do not kill the hen for her eggs
  • If the horse dies, then you have to walk
  • Rats   know the way of rats
  • You cannot clip with one hand
  • Flowers look different to different eyes
  • A man is judged by his clothes, a horse by its saddle
  • Spilt water cannot be retrieved
  •  One foot cannot stand on two boats
  •  Better to do without books than to believe everything they say

  •  If you do not climb the mountain, you will not see the plain
  •  An avaricious person is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant
  •  When you paint a dragon, dot its eyes
  • It does not matter if the cat is black or white so long as it catches rats
  • Beware the person with a Buddha’s mouth and a snake’s heart
Düşünür, Araştırmacı Yazar, Şair. 1983 yılından buyana ihracat profesyoneli olarak çalışan Levent Ağaoğlu, 1997-2001 yılları arasında Hong Kong’da yaşadı; yaklaşan Büyük Asya Yüzyılı’nın ayak seslerini duydu hep. İsmail Gaspıralı’nın “Dil’de, Fikir’de; İş’te Birlik” idealinin peşinde koşarak Türk Evi, Düşünce ve İş Ocağı kitap serileri üzerinde çalışıyor; mütefekkir ve müteşebbis gözlem ve birikimlerini yazıya geçiriyor.


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